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Employee Outplacement Program

Downsizing is a hard decision to make. The effects on displaced employees, managers who have to make the decisions, and the pressure on your already tight Human Resources staff to help aid displaced employees on their job search is tremendous, particularly in these economically depressed times.

Your company made a decision to try and help your displaced workers; we are a solution.

At MBA Authority we can provide cost-efficient and effective outplacement services to supplement your company's needs. We empower displaced employees, allowing them to take control of their future. We are a recruitment portal, seamlessly bringing together business professionals and employers throughout the world. We provide our clients with professional counseling, tailored resumes and cover letters, and give them the ability to contact employers in virtually every industry and region of the world. Whether they want to stay in the same type of position or city, or move to a different part of the world working in a completely different industry, MBA Authority can help.

MBA Authority is one of the largest portals of employment opportunities in the world. We have millions of contacts in all fifty states in our database, in almost every industry imaginable. We can assist our clients in directly contacting any employer for opportunities. Our database includes, Fortune 500 companies, consulting firms, investment banking companies, and small to mid-size boutique agencies-you name it, we probably have it, and if we don't, trust us we will. We continually update and seek out established and emerging markets to target key companies and industries to provide our clients with the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Recruiters & Traditional Outplacement Firms Are Not Nearly as Effective as MBA Authority.
On average, a typical recruiter receives over 5,000 resumes on their desk per year, and has only 20 contacts from which s/he may work. If you translate these numbers, it means that their ability to assist you in your outplacement needs is very slim.

  • Our model, however, is based on our proven ability to assist business professionals in applying to all potential jobs that match their interests. This strategy is extremely effective.
  • Recruiters? Referring an employee to a recruiter may be a good strategy in a bull-market, but with Wall Street cuts totaling more than 40,000 jobs, we don't think we can be so optimistic GM slashed the number of MBA hires by 70%, and Intel cut it's MBA hiring rate by 50%! At this moment nearly 75% of MBA students are without a job. If you could get a desperate MBA student with over $60,000 in loans to work for you, would you pay fees to a recruiter for a junior manager? At MBA Authority we will work aggressively with your displaced employees to find them the right jobs in the right markets.
  • Traditional Outplacement Firms? As far as we are concerned, the name of the game is to get your displaced employee a new position fast. We have professional staff all over the world that work 24 hours a day, seven days a week, in thousands of industries to assist your employees find a job that will provide them the opportunity for further professional development.. We tailor our program and search to your employee's individual needs, desires, and skills, empowering them to find their next opportunity.

No Outplacement Firm or Recruiter Can Compete With Our Cost Effectiveness.
MBA Authority is committed to providing your former employee with the quality service and attention they deserve. We have a courteous staff of professional career counselors that will consult your employee on the current market and industry trends, and inform them of their marketability in the current economic environment. Further, our professional writing and editorial staff will revise their resumes and cover letters to highlight the skills and talents that they possess to increase their chances of landing a new job, and we will provide them with as many copies as they need to apply to our contacts. Our services costs under $1 per potential employer.

Make MBA Authority Part of Your Outplacement Team!
Making economic adjustments forces employers to make tough decisions - who stays, who goes. When you release an employee due to poor economic conditions and/or performance, the result can have a tremendous psychological and financial impact. Termination expenses such as severance pay, continuing insurance benefits, and unemployment costs can be extremely high, and company morale for remaining employees can flounder. Downsizing can send shockwaves to your potential investors, and can damage existing relationships with your current investors and community. If the separation is not handled with care, the potential for negative publicity and lawsuits increases and can damage your company's reputation.

Your job is not easy, so why not let MBA Authority help? While we cannot help you make critical internal decisions, we can help transition employees to a new position within a different company by allowing them to gain access to numerous employers throughout the world. We invite you to contact us at 1-800-283-3860 or by email at employers@mbaauthority.com. While we are not a traditional outplacement firm, what we do actually works. If and when you are ready to take charge of your outplacement program and ensure your people do find new jobs we would very much like to hear from you!