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We bridge the recruitment gap.

If a job exists, there is only one  sure-fire  way to find it - broadcast your qualifications to the largest market possible. It's as simple as that. No job board, no recruiter, no job fair has an exhaustive list of all the job openings in any given market. For that reason, a number of organizations, including The College of William and Mary and Boston University, recommend utilizing resume distribution services like MBA Authority to insure you find the right job.

Targeted resume distribution is even more critical in a depressed job market.

Approximately 80% of all job openings are never advertised. When an employer identifies a hiring need, they typically will not place an advertisement for at least 4-6 weeks. During that time, the employer will attempt to fill the position by contacting friends or acquaintances, reviewing resumes currently on file, and accepting new resumes. If the position is filled through these means, guess what? It's never advertised. In addition, for every advertised job, an employer can expect to receive 1500+ applicants. With the number of MBA graduates increasing by 30% or so each year, that number will only increase. Similarly, An executive recruiter typically has access to fewer than 20 potential openings, and the executive recruitment industry as a whole fills less than 3% of all executive positions annually. Accordingly, though a number of I-banks, consulting firms, manufacturers, government agencies, etc. may be quite interested in reviewing your qualifications, the fact is they'll never have the chance to until you get a piece of paper in their hands.

MBA Authority maintains one of the most comprehensive employment databases in the U.S. We spend $1M+ annually to insure the accuracy of our data and to identify high-growth industries. We can help you apply to virtually every employer in the U.S.

According to Dick Bolles, author of What Color is Your Parachute? (the book Fortune Magazine calls "the gold standard of career guides"), approximately 1,400 resumes are mailed for every job secured. How long would it take you to send 1,400 resumes on your own? A year? Longer? Imagine sporadically applying to positions you see on a job posting board, in the classified section of your local newspaper, or through an executive recruiter for the next year. How much will each day cost you? How much is your time worth?

MBA Authority can help you broadcast your qualifications to every employer you would like to work for. It's up to you: either remain unhappy with your current employment situation, or find the job you want today.


Mailing an unsolicited resume to an employer is not effective.

When you perform a self-initiated targeted mailing, you are sending unsolicited resumes and cover letters to a carefully compiled list of employers, distinctive as a group for their geographical location, type and size of business, and industry. Targeted mailing has an extremely high rate of effectiveness.


I'll just post my resume on Monster.com, and wait for the fruit baskets to come rolling in.

Let's get real for a moment. Just as you have access to Monster.com so do the millions of other Internet users out there, increasing the competition for a few open positions. You think just because you go to school and use your campus' internet job boards that your competition just decreased? Wrong. Numerous schools also contract their internet job boards out to other sites, meaning that you may not only be applying against every other internet user out there, but against a targeted group of other B-school applicants, in schools like yours across the nation, for the same exact position.

Not to knock the internet, Monster.com is effective for companies that are comfortable with online job hunting, who are actively recruiting, and have the resources to actually review the thousands of responses and hits they will get to their published postings. In general though, a number of business schools, government offices, and human resource departments for a number of companies don't have these resources, and will remain more friendly and comfortable with "snail mail" - cover letters and resumes they receive from the post office, not from the Internet.

Writing a professional cover letter on good stationery, and enclosing it with a targeted resume with a hit list of your key skills, addressing an envelope, stamping it, and putting it in the mail shows that you have taken the time to research and contact individual employers. It is far more effective than simply hitting the "send" button on your e-mail program. In addition, a recent study by the Privacy Foundation stated that job seekers who post their resumes on sites like Monster.com may be sacrificing their privacy. Click here for the whole report. With the number of professionals seeking jobs, hiring partners and recruiting coordinators receive thousands of resumes per year for a limited number of published positions; they have the luxury of waiting unlike you. With the current economic downturn, proactive recruiting has already decreased dramatically, leaving you few options other than to contact and create employment opportunities of your own.


I can't trust my future career prospects to your firm - I need to do it all myself.

MBA Authority puts you in charge of your job search!

You chose to go to business school to take control of your destiny, why should you let anyone else take control of your job search? Simply put, we don't. MBA Authority gives you control, and we act as your resource. With your input, we will select the employers that meet your standards and criteria, and you will have approval every step of the way. Our professional writing staff will create a quality resume and personalized cover letters that will emphasize your individual skills and goals and will garner the attention of the executives you desire to apply to. Ultimately, your signature will be on every letter, and you will put those letters in the mail.

At MBA Authority, you are still in control of your job search. Why spend valuable time researching employers when we have the most sophisticated database in the industry? Who better to trust your future with than a firm that spends 24 hours a day, seven days a week in creating and revising resumes and cover letters for business professionals? We will help you save time, improve your resume, and create a cover letter that will command attention.


I already have a headhunter - I don't need to do any more work to find a job.

The truth is, a headhunter, or executive recruiter, doesn't really work for you. You don't pay their bills; their contacts do, but does this fact matter? When most recruiters have, on average, fewer than 20 companies they work for, we think so. And guess what? If one company rejects your resume, your resume may never see any one of the 19 others. Recruiters and headhunters are sometimes hypersensitive to the perceived desires of their clients, that's their contacts. It's not you, trust us, it's them.

We work exclusively for you, and our services are completely confidential. We offer you targeted mailings which can be done for far more companies, and we can help you send resumes and cover letters to as many hundreds of businesses as you desire.


I don't have the time to prepare 300 cover letters and resumes.

We want to make your life easier. All it takes is filling out our Sign Up Form, spending a short amount on the phone with us discussing your desires and options, and signing your cover letters. That's all the time you'll spend in your job search (other than interviewing and hopefully weighing competing job offers). MBA Authority is committed to providing you with a focused, expansive job search that will increase your market exposure exponentially.

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