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Investment Banking

As a persistent and resilient individual with a strong understanding of accounting, as well as a background in finance and economics, this work can prove to be exhausting but extremely financially rewarding and challenging. The risks are high, but this is exactly the way you want it to be. As an I-Banker you will be under constant pressure to learn quickly and synthesize complex information on the spot, while maintaining a vigilant eye on the market to assist in raising capital and to provide investment advice, appraisals, and estimates for your bank's clients. That's why your ambition, stamina and commitment are crucial to your success.

The industry breaks down into three main categories, each with their own perks and downfalls. Corporate Finance is the process of raising money for corporate clients. This is the nerve center of traditional investment banking. Sales and Trading is one of the backbones of Investment Banking. Salespeople and traders buy and sell securities and commodities in a high-pressure, market-driven culture. Research Analysts work to predict the movement of specific stocks usually in the fixed-income or equity categories, and their advice is the foundation upon which numerous traders rely on which is why it is one of the more higher paid positions.

Life as an Investment Banker:
Most Investment Bankers make a ton of money in a relatively short amount of time, but finding time to spend it is the hard part. Though it differs based upon what category you choose to work in, most people in the industry report working 80-100 hours a week, except Sales and Trading professionals who average about 55-hours a week. Your co-workers become your family, with many investment bankers saying they spend nights in the office. This lifestyle may sound hard to some, but to those who thrive on commitment, competition, risk and rewards, this industry is perfect for them.

One of the hallmarks of this industry is that you are promoted depending solely on your performance. On average you remain an associate for only 4 years before becoming a VP. If you decide to stay with the firm for another 4 years, you will then be promoted a Senior VP or Managing Director. The reported starting salary of some Investment Bankers began at $100,000 - $170,000 for associates in Corp. Fin., $70,000 - $80,000 for those in sales and trading, and Research Analysts report to make slightly more than the other divisions. In each of these categories performance-based bonuses are a major incentive because it can double your salary for the year. Again, performance is the key.


Investment Banking is a glamorous industry, and my work will be full of handing grueling transactions.


Don't expect to be interviewed by CNN anytime soon. You have to pay your due, which involves a lot of grunt work, but it pays off in the end when you can play a meaningful role in a major sale.



Investment Banking is not as stressful as people make it seem.


Competition and determination are necessary elements to I-Banking, and competition means nothing if there are no losers, and there are people out there that are determined to make you the loser. The financial stakes are huge, and you will pour your blood, sweat, and tears into this industry to earn every dime of your salary.



There's no way to break into the business once you leave B-School.


Your ability to be assertive and aggressive goes a long way in I-Banking. Tough-skinned individuals survive; the ones who can't take rejection won't even be given an opportunity to try. It's that simple, persistence can earn you an opportunity to land a job even if you are out of B-School, as long as you possess superior quantitative and analytical skills, and can think critically in a deadline-driven and stressful environment. There are literally hundreds of investment banks. In more recent years, commercial banks created partnerships and alliances with these Investment Banks, creating more opportunities for people like you. As a proactive professional, why not use MBA Authority as a resource to get your foot in the door? Your time is valuable, and we have the abilities to help you target and hone your search to this sector. Take control of your future now let MBA Authority help.