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Media & Entertainment

Although you many characterize the M&E industry by the artsy-fartsy, anti-corporate types, the companies like Sony, AOL Time Warner, GE, Condé Naste, and Disney laugh all the way to the bank. These multi-national institutions look to hire business-minded individuals like you. The M&E Industry offers a host of jobs to people with little to no experience in the industry, but who have a passion as well as the business skills to allow the artsy-fartsy, anti-corporate types to make more money for Sony, AOL Time Warner, and the rest. Even during economically depressed periods, this industry continues to flourish and grow, and so do the opportunities to find a perfect career for you. You are an individual who is confident, with the ability to provide valuable, strategic, and innovative solutions to your company, and the M&E industry wants people like you.

Life in the M&E Industry:
The M&E industry offers a host of jobs where you will learn about the cheap tawdry stories of who's sleeping with who, but most likely it will be about your co-workers, not necessarily your favorite stars. With the advent of newer and better technologies, M&E companies today are looking for ways to continue to generate the revenues, or better yet, to capitalize on these new technologies to make money off them. With this in mind, those with an interest and/or background in integrated marketing are more necessary than ever for M&E companies. Branding issues are constantly on the forefront of numerous companies' agendas with TV shows creating magazines, and comics and cartoons turning into movies and toys. Further, the M&E industry seems to be moving towards consolidation and forming partnerships, allowing those familiar with mergers and acquisitions to become increasingly necessary. There are also a host of individuals and companies in consulting, I-banking, money management, and business development that make huge amounts of revenue in this sexy industry.

The M&E Industry attracts people who are driven, talented, and, in a word, "quirky." They know their stuff, and became very important members of their company because they focus on their roles, but are willing to help you learn yours. Many people describe their environment as collegial and friendly, but as the President of an independent film company puts it, "There is a dynamic tension that runs beneath the ostensible 'laid back' surface, and if you're not careful you may miss it." Bottom-line, look for opportunities, sharpen your instincts, let others know your passionate, but practice humility.

The M&E industry will not pay you as well as the Investment Banking firms or consulting companies that are out there, but you don't work the insane hours either. In general, many business professionals told us they make $60,000 to $75,000 to start, but they work from 9:30 or 10 a.m. to 7 or 8 p.m. with the usual crunch periods during major deadlines. The real drain is as you move up the ladder, where the compensation is reported in the low six figures, but the demands for mandatory socializing can be exhausting.


It's glamorous.


While you may have the opportunity to tell your friends you "ran into Meg Ryan and she said…" don't be too surprised if you get stuck in an air-conditioned room with a computer where the only message you'll be receiving is "ERR_CALC" for weeks on end.



It's impossible to break in.


Though you may not have the connections, yet, you have the skills and abilities to allow these companies, firms, and conglomerates to make money. Make no mistake; these companies are like any other company, with a bottom-line to deal with. You bring a unique set of skills and knowledge that no director or actor can fake. We at MBA Authority want to help you connect with the hiring agents for these conglomerates, and we will allow you to command attention. With your skills and our resources we will partner with you to make the contacts to find you the job of your dreams.



I can make big money.


If you're trying to break into the M&E industry for the money, try film school and pray hard, because you won't be making nearly as much as you would in investment banking or consulting, but you will be working in a glamorous industry with a number of other perks such as tickets to free movie screenings; backstage passes; star gazing with the opportunity to really find out if those are real (by looking at their financial information); and invitations to exclusive events such as the Emmy's.